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Attractions in Kasauli

Man-ki Point (Famous as: Monkey Point) :
The highest point in Kasauli called Monkey Point. It's just 4Kms from the Kasauli bus stand. A small temple is also situated on the top of the hill, which is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. According to a legend, at the end of Ramayana when Lord Hanuman was returning from the Himalayas after obtaining Sanjivani Booty or the Magical Herb, his foot touched the hill and thus the top of hill is in a foot shape.

Anglican Church:
Built in the shape of a cross. A grove of chestnut and fir trees surround this 159-year-old structure. The church was built by the British families who also laid the foundation of Kasauli town in 1842.

Lower Mall:
A beautiful 3Kms walk with different scenic views and old heritage building views, goes up-to Monkey Point, Kasauli. It's mostly on a descending gradient.

Upper Mall:
A beautiful 2.5Kms walk with different scenic views and old heritage buildings, goes up-to The Flag Staff House (HQ 95 Inf Bde. Brigadier Residence). It's mostly on a ascending gradient.

Kasauli Club:
Established in 1880, this is one famous club in Himachal. Only members and the military officers serving in Kasauli are entertained in the same. No civilians or tourists can enter the same without being sponsored by a current member of the club.

Delicious food in just Rs 20 at kasauli mall.
[a] The Famous "BANDSAMOSA" of Kasauli, The Poor Man's Burger, but strangely so fulfilling and satisfying. It only comes in for Rs.8, and after eating a single BANDSAMOSA, one might just skip the next meal. Must eat the same at Mohan's Sweet Shop in Main market, Kasauli.
[b] Famous wines, viz: plum wine, apple wine, peach wine, sherry wine, black grape wine etc. all can be bought from Gupta Provisional Store, Bus Stand, Kasauli.
[c] For non-vegetarians, an unusual and conventional way with which the lip-smacking Salami and Ham are made by The Daily Needs Store, adjoining State Bank of Patiala, Kasauli

Sunrise Point:
Situated on lower mall, Kasauli 350Mts ahead of Ros Common. Sunrise can be viewed at it's full with no obstructions from this place. This point was formerly called as Hawa Ghar, since the point witnesses an all year round air currents through it.

Sunset point:
Situated on upper mall, Kasauli 100 mts ahead of Kasauli Club. Sunset view from this place is a moment to treasure.

Scandal Point & Lover's Lane :
A few meters ahead of the Sunset point lies this bliss from honeymooners. Must visit to find out what is it actually!

Gilbert Trail:
Approx 700Mts ahead of lovers lane is Gilbert trail which offer a long walk in perfect nature bestowed small kuchha path. One must walk carefully to avoid slipping on the same. Not recommended when it's raining.

Central Research Institute (C.R.I):
Central Research Institute was established in 1905 and it is a premier National Institute engaged in many R& D activities. The anti-rabies inoculation was invented and is still being made here. Also many anti snake bite inoculations are being made here.

Kasauli is also Famous & fill with thik Pine Trees

You can also enjoy a jungle walk.
Panoromic 8-km Drive from Garkhal to Jagjit Nagar

Family fun on River (40KM away from Villa)

Sunset point just 300 metres away from our Cottages

Open Roof Dinner at Basera's Special Night View
We also do organise Havan on request