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Sunset Point Kasauli

Kasauli is situated at the height of 1900 meters above the sea level and is a small and beautiful hill station that is still pristine and untouched by the maddening crowd and the fuzz of the city. Since the British Era, this town has been famous for its natural beauty, snow capped hills, rejuvenating atmosphere, great charm and deep valleys. All this and much more ensure that you have an enchanting experience while your visit to the town.

There are so many beautiful attractions that will woe your mind and will take you to the cloud 9. These attractions are beautiful, splendid, unspoiled and full of life. One such place is Sunset point. Located on the Upper Mall, Kasauli, the point is located 100 meters ahead of the Kasauli club. The place offers a sunset view that is a perfect view that you will cherish for lifetime.

Sunset point offers amazing views of the horizon and with the changing colors during the sundown; you canít resist yourself falling in love with the place. Other than the beautiful views, you can enjoy fading sun rays, the warmth of sun slowly decreasing, the refractions fading away in the atmosphere, making a stunning end to a day. Reaching the place, in itself, is a memorizing experience. Walking down the lane with chestnut, oak and pine trees on both the sides of the road, you find yourself close to the nature and can rejuvenate your soul with the nature at its best.