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Weather in Kasauli

Kasauli has a never ending charm due to its aesthetic look and the colonial impression, which is set amidst the serene and tranquil atmosphere. All this and the amazing tourist destinations attract thousands of tourists from far and near. The town not only rejuvenates you mind and soul but also provide an opportunity to explore yourself.

Apart from the lovely hills, deep valleys, calm waters and refreshing pine and oak trees, the other thing that you would like the most is the weather in Kasauli. The weather is always pleasant and lovely all the year round. Summers, that lie between April to June, the nights are cool and days are warm. The temperature reaches to the maximum with 28 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature falls down to 14 degree Celsius in summers. On the other hand, the winters that fall between November and February, are generally cool with the temperature ranging between 5 degrees and 14 degrees. Although, it is a hill station, it receives minimum or absolutely no snow fall. The monsoons are pleasant with low rainfalls.

The best time to visit the town is during the months of April and November, when the weather in Kasauli is neither harsh nor cold, nonetheless provides the sufficient room to enjoy the beauty and grace of the town. The weather in the Kasauli is so charming that many city residents have bought cottages in the town that they use as summer shelters to escape the heat of the summers in plains.